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Welcome to Our Table

I have never been really political. I got invited to the 2014 Beans and Baskets Event of the Southwest Oklahoma Republican Women (SWOKRW). I was amazed at the number of like-minded people coming together for such an event. They had a great speaker, good food and an exciting auction! At the end of the event, I was invited to the next meeting of the SWOKRW.

My first meeting felt a little awkward until I sat down at the table. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I soon decided to become a member. I was not required to participate any more than I wished - which made being a new member comfortable and stress-free. This also gave me a chance to get to know the incredible ladies and associate gentlemen members.

Fast forward to mid 2017. I decided to get more involved. I accepted the Committee chair for Membership and helped with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) database requirements for our club. Now starting 2018, I'm still the Membership Committee chair and still help with the NFRW database reporting. I have decided to start doing "new" things. I attended training at the State level as proxy for our club treasurer and learned valuable information for our club going forward. I have also accepted a chairman position at the State level for Armed Services. I was asked to create a website for our club and have researched and learned to create a website. This blog entry is my first. It's amazing, all the blogs I have read just make it seem so easy....

I hope this website will help people connect with our club. I also invite members and non-members to contribute to our blog about issues, local happenings and subjects that they are passionate about and would like to share.

Our upcoming monthly meetings will showcase various Republican candidates running for local and state offices. We invite anyone to attend our meetings (including men) to become more educated on the Republican candidates prior to election day. Education is power. After elections, we have motivational speakers at our monthly meetings to inspire us.

Besides the political focus of our group, we also support great causes through our committees. These committees include Literacy, Armed Services, and Caring for America.

We hope you will join us to become better educated on candidates running for office. We also hope you will consider becoming a dues-paying voting member. Men may become non-voting associate members. Paying dues also makes you a member of the Oklahoma Federated Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women's (one of the largest grassroots political organizations). The dues help support the committees and business activities of the club.

Our annual big fundraiser is Beans and Baskets. The funds raised during this event are earmarked for Republican candidate contributions. The voting members decide which candidates receive campaign contributions.

If you aren't quite comfortable "joining" just yet, please check out our site and subscribe to our forum, read our news and blog and get to know what is going on in our community.

Hope to see you at an upcoming meeting! You are Welcome at Our Table.


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