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NFRW is Coming to Oklahoma!

Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women went to Alexandria, Virginia to lobby for the NFRW Biennial Convention to be in Oklahoma for 2023. We were bidding for the convention against the Texas Federation.

With the help of our wonderful Lt Governor, Matt Pinnell, we were able to win the honor of hosting the NFRW Convention in September 2023.

What does this mean for Oklahoma? Oklahoma will have Republican Ladies from all over the US, descend on Oklahoma City next September. Besides the convention, there are usually "side" trips excursions during the days prior to the convention. We're hoping to be able to go to the Ree Drummond's Mercantile and P-Town Pizza as one of the excursions.

What does this mean for our club? Besides our normal delegates to the convention, we will have the opportunity to have some of our ladies "volunteer" at the convention. While we are not sure what this entails at this point, we do know that we will need 100 volunteers from our state clubs, including SWOKRW.

As more information comes to us from NFRW, we will let you know.

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