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What's Your Superpower?

Troy’s Thoughts - by Troy Cole, President, First Capital Republican Women.

Every citizen 18 years and older in the United States of America is a superhero with a common superpower. Do you know what that power is? It is the power to vote! Unfortunately, there are many who never utilize this great power. There are some who only use it every four years when it is time to cast it for President. There are some who think that their superpower isn’t all that powerful and is meaningless. But, last year the race for the House of Delegates in Virginia ended in a tie. The winner was declared by a drawing of a name from a bowl. Ahh, how mighty and powerful that single vote, had it been cast, could have been.

As with any superpower, this one comes with responsibility. Have you ever stood in the voting booth, ballot in hand, gazing at the office and the names and have no real idea who the candidate is, what they stand for, what they will do if elected to represent you? Have you ever thought “It would sure be nice if I could meet (insert candidate name)” and ask their opinion or thought on an issue? What makes our superpower even more powerful is when it is used by an informed and educated person.


Join the SWOKRW or other local Republican Women's Club to get to know YOUR candidates for the upcoming election cycle. Be educated and ready for the voting booth.

Register to vote by 1 June to be able to vote in the 26 June Primary Election. Register to vote by 3 August to be able to vote in the 28 August Run-off Primary Election. Register to vote by 12 October to vote in the 6 November General Election.

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